Our Clients Say it Best

We have had the incredible fortune of working with some of the best businesses in middle Tennessee. We are honored to have been involved with their growth and success.

Dow’s employees and workers were just great to work with. He had to do the renovation the whole time we were still open, and they were great about being out of the way when we were working with our clients. Every one of Dow’s employees was very courteous. For example, they would stop their work and open the door for customers. They don’t operate a typical construction worksite; they far exceed that. Plus, Dow completed it all in less than three months in the middle of winter, and we were very pleased with the start-to-finish time as well.”
— Ed Davenport, Executive Vice President, Southern Bank of Tennessee

We already had great experience working with Dow. And like we expected, they did a great job. Their communication with us was excellent. We met weekly with them and the architect to find out the progress and what’s next. In a very busy church like this one, it’s so important to know what’s going on so we can turn around and communicate with our congregation.”
— Fred Halfpap, Executive Director, Murfreesboro First UMC

I found Dow Smith Company was easy to work with, collaborative, and an excellent team member. Joey Rhyne was particularly really good about setting realistic expectations up front, making sure the client knew how every decision was going to affect the budget and schedule and then proceeded to deliver a quality project within those parameters.”
— Justin Lowe, AIA, Centric Architecture

We wanted our new space to be built professionally and with careful forethought. Our architect recommended Dow Smith Company. I called Dow first, and that initial call went so well, and we felt so good about them, that we didn’t even call anyone else. Joey Rhyne met with us immediately, and told us not to worry, they would get it done, and we could go back to worrying about our business. And you know, that is exactly what happened. They were way ahead of us throughout the whole construction process and brought us so many good ideas along the way. We had such a good experience with them and we love our new space. We’ve doubled our square footage.”
— Shayne Langford, Owner, Tiffany Lane

What defines you as a business is how you handle problems. Dow goes above and beyond, even after you move in and the project is finished. Time goes by, but if an issue arises, they always take care of it. Every time I call, if Joey doesn’t pick up, I get called back in two minutes.”
— Rob Webb, Owner, Just Love Coffee

Dow did our first build-out in Spring Hill, and we really got to know each other. Before meeting Dow, I had experience with other construction companies, and there’s just no comparison between them and Dow’s degree of attention to his business. Dow and his team make something very hard, very easy. Their prices are fair, and they help you through every single step of the process. I can’t say enough good things about the whole team at Dow Smith Company and the quality result we have today.”
— Dr. Mark Hughes, FAAP, Owner, Grace Pediatrics

After meeting with Dow Smith Company, it was clear that they were the right choice for the job. Throughout the process, they were there to help guide us and make sure we were all on the same page. They are all genuine, caring individuals. We were able to work through any challenges that arose and come to agreeable decisions. They care about the client and the city that they are involved in. Even after our project was finished, they were open to helping us with anything that we needed. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of individuals and recommend them highly for any future projects.”
— Kyndon Oakes, Owner, Title Boxing Club

Dow Smith’s timeliness and responsiveness was exceptional. We couldn’t have been happier with them, every step of the way.”
— Jessica Shields, Owner, The Social Chair

The building was in rough shape and offered many challenges. The building is located on historic Main Street as well and there were several obstacles with the City of Murfreesboro that had to be addressed to get to a finished product. However, we were able to work through (and sometimes around) the various challenges. Ultimately we have a finished product that is first-class and will hopefully be an asset to downtown Murfreesboro.”
— Brock East, Owner, McCarter | East Law

We didn’t even look at any other construction companies. I knew Dow Smith and was impressed with them all the way. They do what they say they will do, and that is rare in this world. They are people of integrity. They were the only group we were interested in working with.”
— Wilson Adams, Pastor, Veterans Parkway Church of Christ

Everybody—almost without exception—told me to go with Dow Smith. His great reputation truly does precede him. When you say build, people just say Dow Smith.”
— Dr. Lisa Martin, Owner, Martin Eyecare

We knew we wanted a construction company with strong ties to middle Tennessee, who lives and works right here. Through our search, we narrowed to four firms, and Dow Smith Company rose to the top. Dow and his team showed they were listening all the way, and took the time to learn what we are about here. They offered options that had a strong foundation of thought behind them.”
— Carl Wenck, Senior Pastor, Grace Lutheran Church