How we Work

We make the construction process simple. We help guide you from the first step through the final result, from estimating through design.

We’re an “open book” on actual costs. We will help you navigate design expenses and decisions that directly impact construction costs. Our team believes in being forthright, prepared and accountable. We operate with complete transparency; we speak openly and honestly from the very first meeting and provide you with a clear and specific construction plan to meet your budget and your timeline.

We provide you with solutions, taking the pain out of construction. When you aren’t sure where to begin, what steps to take, or what type of project your budget can afford, give us a call.

Church projects

Healthcare Projects

Commercial Projects

The 4 Phases of Design & Construction

Phase 1: Feasibility & Schematic Design

• Owner/designer planning meetings
• Determine facility requirements
• Site visit
• Inventory of available utilities
• Preliminary site plan/master plan
• Preliminary floor plan
• Preliminary elevations
• Itemized schematic cost estimate
• Grading/excavation allowance
• Preliminary local government discussions
• Budget contingency 10%

Phase 2: Design Development & Engineering

• Complete site plan (grading, excavation & drainage)
• Architectural documents completed to 50%
• Preliminary engineering/studies MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing)
• Subcontractor outline & estimates
• Government reviews (planning commission approvals)
• Revised itemized cost estimate
• Budget contingency 5%
• Prepare proposed project design & construction schedule
• Submit for grading/excavation permit (if needed)
• Begin grading/excavation 
(if needed)
• Perform geotechnical report

Phase 3: Construction Documents

• Architectural/engineered documents completed to 100%
• Submit plans for building permit
• Confirm itemized cost estimates
• Begin building foundations 
(if needed)
• Budget contingency 3%

Phase 4: Construction

• Begin construction
• Finalize GMP guaranteed maximize price (30-45 days)
• Finalize interior finishes