Design-Build Construction

Riding The Wave of Revitalization in Downtown Murfreesboro

If you have visited downtown Murfreesboro recently, you are probably aware of the changes that are taking place. Organizations such as Main Street Murfreesboro and Downtown Murfreesboro Business Association are working hard to enhance and promote the historic downtown and economic vitality of the region. We are pleased to be a part of that effort, and our recent work at 527 North Maple Street is just another Rutherford County commercial project we have completed.

Value Engineering: Why It’s Essential to the Success of Your Project

You have probably heard the term value engineering before. But what exactly is it? And how does it work in your best interests as a buyer of construction services? 

By definition, value engineering was born at General Electric during World War II. Shortages of skilled labor, raw materials and parts forced G.E.’s Lawrence Miles—the father of what he termed “value analysis”—to look for acceptable substitutes. Miles and his team noticed that these substitutions often reduced costs, improved the product, or both.

This One Factor Influences Construction Costs the Most

There are many factors that influence the cost of construction. Some are obvious: land acquisition, permits and construction costs. Then there are the future costs or life-cycle costs to consider: maintenance, repair, replacement—the cost of keeping the facility and its systems up and running. One of the most effective ways to control construction costs is to establish early involvement on behalf of the owner AND the contractor.

8 Ways to Reduce Commercial Construction Costs

First, let’s be truthful and realistic: there simply is no cheap, easy solution to commercial construction. By definition, building a facility for business operations is going to cost money, regardless of the delivery system you choose. But, hear me now: the #1 way to reduce commercial construction costs is to stay away from the lowest bidder.

The Better Way to Build: The Benefits of Design-Build Construction

What business wouldn’t want to choose a building process that offers opportunities to save money, to reduce construction time, to allow customization, to optimize quality, and to streamline the entire experience? No hands raised in the audience? That comes as no surprise to all of us at Dow Smith Company. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients since 1992, and those are key advantages that every one of our clients has valued.

Today, we’re pleased to be regarded as Middle Tennessee's expert in a process loaded with many intrinsic benefits. Known as “Design-Build,” its cost efficiency, time savings, and collaborative nature have made it popular among clients for everything from commercial and municipal buildings to sports facilities, churches, restaurants, manufacturing plants, medical facilities, and more.