Employee Spotlight: A Focus on Our Estimators and Project Coordinators

Estimator and Project Coordinator Dana Mitchell (back left), Estimator and Project Coordinator Andrea Fall (back right) with Partner Joey Rhyne (seated).

Estimator and Project Coordinator Dana Mitchell (back left), Estimator and Project Coordinator Andrea Fall (back right) with Partner Joey Rhyne (seated).

Andrea Fall, Estimator and Project Coordinator

Andrea Fall joined the Dow Smith Company team in February 2018 as an estimator and project coordinator. Andrea began her career in the roofing industry, working to create project submittals and shop drawings. She later moved into the estimating and management department where she oversaw roofing projects from estimate to final completion. After nearly 15 years in the roofing industry, she desired a less stressful position and the opportunity to spend more time with her family.

“Working at Dow Smith is a completely different world,” explains Andrea. “I am spending fewer hours working, but I feel like I get more quality work done.” Andrea also says Dow Smith Company is “family-first” and is very supportive of family functions and events. 

Andrea came to Dow Smith Company with the hopes of expanding her education and experience. Not only has she learned a lot about the commercial construction industry since joining the team, but she’s also pursuing her Bachelor’s in Commercial Construction Management from Middle Tennessee State University. Dow Smith Company allows her to balance her work and school commitments.

“It is such a joy to get to work with Andrea,” says Partner and President Dow Smith.

“She makes us better in so many ways. Her skills and gifts in AutoCAD have made us a much better design-build company.”

Thanks to Andrea’s skills, Dow Smith Company can now produce in-house preliminary drawings on some projects. Now the team can help clients clarify their building needs and provide a framework for early discussions on budgets and space needs. “Her attention to detail and forward thinking is a great fit to our culture of keeping projects on schedule and on budget. But the real joy of working with Andrea is her personality and her heart,” explains Dow.

Dana Mitchell, Estimator and Project Coordinator

Dana Mitchell began his construction career in his family’s residential drywall business in 1972. Starting as a drywall mechanic, he later started his own business and entered the commercial construction sector. Dana decided to close his business in 2013 and took a three-year hiatus before joining Dow Smith Company in June 2016. He brings 40+ years’ experience in time management, project estimating and materials procurement to the team.

Dana’s previous experience in commercial drywall made the transition to a full-time estimator and project coordinator relatively painless, however he did have to familiarize himself with all 16 construction divisions. His drywall business previously operated in the metals, thermal and moisture protection, and finishes divisions. Though there has been a significant learning curve, Dana says he can rely upon Dow Smith Company Partner Joey Rhyne.

“We work as a team to make sure all the bases are covered,” explains Dana Mitchell.

“Andrea is like a daughter to me. We get along really well. We bounce ideas off each other and check over each other’s work,” says Dana. Dana credits software advancements and great relationships with subcontractors who lend their knowledge and experience when problems need to be addressed with making his estimating job easier. Despite these improvements, the position requires extreme attention to detail and deep knowledge of the construction industry. “It’s a very serious job and I take it as such,” states Dana.

Murfreesboro Medical Clinic Rendering | Dow Smith Company | Smyrna, Tennessee

“Dana’s wisdom and experience that he brings to us is incredible,” says Dow. “The detail and accuracy that he puts into his work is so valuable.” On more than one occasion, Dana has been able to assist our job site team with his skills and commercial construction background. “More than once he has been able to fill the gap in the field. But what I admire most about Dana is his care and concerns for others,” states Dow.

The estimating team’s expertise was recently put to the test with a large commercial medical project (pictured above). We will soon begin construction on a new 28,000-square-foot, two-story medical office building for Murfreesboro Medical Clinic (MMC) in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Both Andrea and Dana were instrumental in the estimating and management of the MMC project. The project scope and size made it a more complicated job than most, but it’s been a success so far thanks to the efforts of the entire Dow Smith team.